Comprehensive Exam
Before a patient can be fit with contact lenses, a complete medical and refractive eye examination is necessary. This exam is critical to assure the good health of your eyes and to rule out the possibility of any unsuspected, underlying condition that may prevent contact lens use.

Annual Contact Lens Exam
By law, a contact lens prescription is valid for only one year. All patients are required to come in for an annual contact lens exam. This is necessary to assure the patient’s eyes are healthy and the contact lenses are still fitting well. Contact lens prescriptions cannot be renewed without an annual comprehensive exam. All contact lens fitting/management levels are in addition to your annual comprehensive examination and do not include any material fees.

The goal of the contact lens fitting is to find the most appropriate contact lens for each patient’s optimal vision and comfort. Contact lens patients require additional testing and monitoring over and above what is done during a routine eye exam. Contact lenses are medical devices and even though they may feel fine, there are health risks that must be taken seriously. In order to renew your contact lens prescription, Dr. Balitski performs the following tests on a yearly basis. These procedures are not part of the comprehensive eye exam.

• Slit lamp microscope exam of the contact lens on the eye to check the lens fit.

• Slit lamp microscope exam of the cornea, conjunctiva and eyelid tissues, to check the eye health and to look for adverse effects

• Contact lens refraction to determine the correct lens prescription power (contact lens prescriptions are different than eyeglass

• Review new lens designs and materials that may improve comfort and/or health.

We are committed to taking the time and effort to fit your contact lenses properly. Although many patients will need only one fitting session, sometimes this process requires several appointments. In our experience, the extra time, effort and patience are well merited by both your ultimate satisfaction and the health of your eyes. All patients being fit into contacts for the first time, at our office, must go through the entire fitting process. We will not finalize the contact lens prescription until both the patient and the doctor are satisfied with the fit and visual acuity of the contact lens. We will provide one set of trial lens, during the 90-day fitting period, however, if additional lenses are necessary, there may be a dispensing fee to cover the cost of lens. (this will vary from patient to patient)

There are THREE levels of Contact Lens Evaluation and Fitting Fees: (fees are determined by the type of lens prescribed, the difficulty of the fit, and whether or not the patient is a first time contact lens wearer)

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Level I: Renewal of Contact Lens Prescription
This is the most basic level of our professional service. This level of service is only available to the patient who has been previously fit with contact lens by Dr. Balitski. The current contact lens fit is evaluated to insure the eyes and the contact lenses are compatible. Changes to the fit and power of the contact lenses will be changed as necessary to promote continued eye health and best vision. This service “renews” your contact lens prescription and provides all follow-up visits related to your contact lenses for a ninety-day (90) period from the date of your exam, even if we do not refill your prescription. There may be a few exceptions to this level of care, which would change fitting period of care. (Monovision, Bi-Focal and Toric lens fits may be charged differently.)

Level II: Previous Contact Lens Wearer/New to Practice
This level of service is the initial service provided to contact wearers new to our practice. (It is helpful to our staff if you can provide the prescription for the lenses you are currently wearing). Complete analysis of contact lens prescription requirements, evaluation of previous contact lens history, lens type, wearing schedules, evaluation of your eye’s particular physiological requirements, diagnostic evaluation and trial of various contact lens modalities, rendering a final contact lens prescription are provided.

Ninety (90) days of follow-up care related to your contact lenses is provided with this service even if we do not fill your contact lens prescription. (Monovision, Bi-focal and Toric lens fits may be charged differently.)

Level III: Contact Lens Fitting
New Contact Lens Wearers/New to Practice This level of service is inclusive of all services provided in Level II. Astigmatic (toric), bifocal, post-surgical, corneal rehabilitation and keratoconic lens fitting is much more specialized in nature. Ninety (90) days of follow-up care related to your contact lenses is provided with this service even if we do not fill your contact lens prescription. Some Level III patients may require additional visits to complete these complicated fitting situations. Additional visits beyond the ninety days may be charged on a per-office visit basis.

*New contact lens wearers will be provided with personalized instruction concerning safe care and usage of contact lenses. If additional time is needed, it will be necessary to schedule a 30-minute session at a different time. This additional training session may cost extra.

All fees are non-refundable and are due at time of service.

Fitting fees do not include:

• Contact lenses

• Medical visits not directly related to contact lens wear

• Contact lens check after 90 days.

Fees for the comprehensive exam, and all Levels or contact lens evaluation and fittings are due at time of service.